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Central financial support key areas of energy conservation


Central government innovation policy ideas, increase investment to support energy conservation and environmental protection. In 2016, the central government issued incentive funds of 5.381 billion yuan to support the demonstration city to promote the relevant work, to create a demonstration, can be copied, can promote the new energy-saving emission reduction model.

  (Source: China Network)

Comprehensive demonstration to the city as a platform, from the "point" to "face", from a single policy to policy integration, give full play to the role of fiscal policy, in the industry of low carbon, traffic clean, the main pollutants reduction, Emission reduction work. Up to now, has been selected in three batches of 30 cities to carry out comprehensive demonstration work, and achieved remarkable results. Demonstration of the typical demonstration projects continue to promote the city, energy-saving emission reduction targets are ahead of schedule to complete, and the establishment of a long-term mechanism.

The Ministry of Finance in conjunction with the Development and Reform Commission approved the 18 new recycling park, issued subsidies 1.152 billion yuan; arrangements for 338 million yuan as a clearing of urban mineral demonstration base, kitchen waste project subsidy funds. At the same time, continue to support industrial and agricultural areas of cleaner production technology demonstration. Issued a subsidy of 280 million yuan to focus on supporting mercury, lead and highly toxic pesticide industry, high risk of pollutant reduction action plan implementation, as well as Gansu, Xinjiang and other key areas of rural plastic film recycling.

In the promotion of ecological and environmental protection, in 2016, the central government allocated a total of 13.1 billion yuan of funds, into the central repository of key river basin water pollution control and other projects, the central government special funds to support. "In the governance of pollution at the same time, the central government has also set up a better water quality lake ecological environmental protection funds, according to the previous year, the results of lake performance evaluation, classification to support." Ministry of Finance by the relevant person in charge.

Soil pollution prevention and control, but also the focus of central financial support. In 2016, according to the State Council issued the "Soil Pollution Prevention Action Plan", the central government to integrate the original heavy metal pollution prevention and control special set up special funds for soil pollution prevention and control, then allocated special funds of 9.5 billion yuan, focusing on 38 heavy metal pollution prevention and control of regional control To support the provinces responsible for co-ordination for soil pollution risk control, monitoring and evaluation, supervision and management, pollution, soil remediation and governance; to support the soil pollution situation detailed investigation work.

According to the "Air Pollution Control Action Plan", since 2013, the central government set up special funds for air pollution prevention and control, "255" during the total arrangements for 25.4 billion yuan to support the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the surrounding, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta haze The 2016 issued a special fund of 11.2 billion yuan to support the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other key areas to implement the "ten atmosphere." At the same time, the establishment of special fund performance evaluation system, the financial arrangements and environmental quality improvement performance appraisal results linked. Monitoring results show that some key areas of atmospheric environmental quality improvement significantly, special funds policy effect is emerging.

In order to solve the problem of municipal solid waste, the Ministry of Finance also selected Guizhou Province to carry out cement kiln to jointly deal with solid waste pilot project, issued subsidy funds 230 million yuan, coordinated by Guizhou Province for the establishment of a solid cement kiln synergistic solid waste long-term mechanism.